introducing Helen Barley

*Harpist and singer with wide experience of weddings and special events

*Home consultation to help you develop your own ideas and find the perfect music for you

*Varied repertoire, including optional singing, to cater for all tastes

*Choice of harps, from full concert harps to smaller traditional ones

*Amplification available on all harps, for larger numbers

Helen Barley

For the civil ceremony

The harp can provide gentle, relaxing music as guests assemble, then some more exciting music, either traditional or modern, for the entrance of the bride. A song may be used in place of one of the readings to make the ceremony more special and individual. Music will also be required during the signing of the register. Finally, the couple can exit together with a peal of bells on the harp, or your favourite song or piece of classical music.


For a church ceremony

image2The harp can provide background music while the guests arrive. Your favourite pop song or a piece of classical music can then be used for the Entrance of the Bride. At the signing of the register, music can be played or a song or prayer sung. A popular choice is Ave Maria but a large range of songs is available. Helen can also, if required, lead the congregation in hymn singing and provide all the music for the service, having had a long experience leading worship. Amplification for this can be supplied if needed for a large congregation.

During the drinks reception, photo session or wedding breakfast

image3The harp can provide background music, creating a romantic atmosphere and adding to the enjoyment of the occasion. The range of choice is endless and can be daunting but Helen will guide you through and advise on what works well on the harp.



The Harps

image4There are five harps available, ranging from full concert harps to a small carbon fibre harp which is very easily carried around a garden. You can see and hear the harps and choose the most suitable for your style of wedding or celebration. All the harps are fitted with electric pick-ups, so that amplification can be provided , if necessary, for larger gatherings. All the harps can be easily moved around your venue.



Equipment used is top quality and P.A.T tested. These certificates and Public Liablilty certificate can be inspected.

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